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Waking Thoughts

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Have you ever suffered from insomnia?

Well I try not to admit my case of hatred for sleep.

I’m the living embodiment of insomnia. It is less of a chronic whir

It’s more of an episodic event of cyclical occurrences/

I must work; I most excessively indulge in the bean beverage that impinges in the nervous system like needles. 

I had great sleep before meditation. 

The act of controlled breathing is part of goal setting, after all, but my goals are to avoid sleep.

So have you ever suffered from insomnia?

Do you even know the wonders of sleep?

How about its biological properties? Or even the spiritual connotation;

because I caught myself within the dark clouds of a single winter

exploring the Freudian analysis, on dreams, the mind’s

semiotic playground.

Yesterday I was day-dreaming, is that like playing ‘tag’ with sleep?

If I never get to answer that question accurately with the aid of imagination, biology, spirituality or even with a psychoanalytical perspective in activity?

Then expect me to stitch my heart on long sleeve shirts, for a ribs circumference before I lose my mind or anymore sleep.


(Source: rapkillamakspitta)

The elucidation

Prelude: My Corpus Callosum works with my Pineal gland. The collation of my commissural fibres, but still we alter our consciousness to experience ‘ego death’. I guess mental and physical alignment has become an anomaly of a denotation; one that lacks the greater consensus that the existence of quasars, has.

Here’s my creative view of this topic that arches over: philosophy (dualism, ‘the offical doctrine’, qualia) /science/spirituality/psychology…Enjoy.

Horizontal and vertical days 

in this emotional maze my knee glazed

oh there was a rock there

high and constantly burning up

I see solar flares;

guess the cold airs.

Attracted to me catching symptoms of madness the source be financial Disease.

Look at me on the street corner hustle

for every penny.

Consume the speed and move more robotic buy more narcotics inject myself, and, die!

For the night only my subconscious alive its funny how I tripped and found Neptune and Saturn.

We only molecules and atoms.

Figure it out we die in human form but our spirit lives out.

Gimme DMT submerged in this death trance for eternity where is your sound can you locate it please?

Cuss mines lost in this cashmere reality, but it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. In a different realm you deserve hell for sleepwalking, you do their chores with false dreams you devote in- desolving. Dismiss the world look for answers within yourself. Your mind and body can do it I implore you to be a loyal friend cooperate and you’ll be in A-maze-ment. Its easy just listen to the ‘global work space theory’ speak. Its True, they’re still many that use psychedelics-hallucinogenics to occupy holistic thoughts. Just believe that the Stars made men.


(Eugenia Loli)

(Source: rapkillamakspitta)